NutritionNutrition is an important part of your journey to get healthy and stay healthy .  Given proper nutrition, your body has the amazing ability to keep itself healthy. With eating the right foods and the help of whole food supplements you can achieve optimal health.  

As you know too well, the average American diet contains large amounts of refined and processed foods. some of which have limited nutritional value.  We are not eating enough fresh foods that are naturally high in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help the body thrice and maintain health.  Most of us can benefit from supplementing our diets in order to bride this nutritional gap.  

Symptoms such as stress, fatigue, digestion issues and hormone health will all be affected when there is a nutritional component missing that your body needs.  

Clinical nutrition and the relationship between food and a healthy body are more important than ever!  Dr. Rich Knows this and how nutrients are digested, absorbed, transported, metabolized, stored and eliminated by the body and understands the role nutrition has in many health challenges.

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